It's very simple. We join together to play the lottery as a group (also referred to as a syndicate), and then share the winnings. It's the same as you might do in an office pool, but we've made it easy to do with others online.

This is how it works-

Step 1- Complete the sign-up form

Complete the sign up form to become a member of Tampa Lotto Club. There's no signup or application fee, you simply complete the application and an account will be set up for you.

Step 2- Set your method for your club dues and getting winnings

In order to keep your payment information completely secure all transactions are done through PayPal. Each week, you pay $6 through PayPal for the cost of one $20 Florida lottery ticket per month purchased on your behalf. Not a PayPal user?

Step 4- Game Tickets are purchased for your Pool

25% of the game tickets are purchased and played each week so that all tickets are played in a month. Tickets are played live on Periscope, then uploaded to Twitter and this site for your review.  Even though you are only buying one ticket per month, you will have as many chances to win as the total number of club members. All tickets are played as part of the pool and all members share in all winnings.

Step 5- Start Winning

Becuase of the games we play in, tickets actually win pretty frequently. Winnings are divided up evenly across the total group, and distributed back right away via PayPal. You could win money the first week you join the club.

Ready to start?

Click this button to create your account and start playing.

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