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How do you maintain the integrity of the games played?

All game tickets are played live on Periscope.  Members are able to watch live, or come back later and watch the video to see for themselves what each ticket won.

Which lottery do you play?

We play Florida Lotto games as our club is located in Tampa.

How many total members are there?

As of May, there are ten members, but we just launched. This number is increasing daily.

Can I have more than one entry?

Yes, contact us directly if you would like to make more than one entry into the club. Each entry will add to the total count of members for dividing winnings.

Do you ever change the game that is played?

Yes.  We only play a game for as long as there are grand prizes remaining to win.  Once all grand prizes have been won, the game loses its potential value and we move on to a new game.

How do you choose which game to play in?

High dollar scratch offs, the games we play, typically offer the best overall odds for winning (around 33%), and significant grand prizes with odds that are usually much better than big jackpot games like Powerball and Mega Millions.

Do you have any other games to play in?

Right now, we only play one game.  In the near future, we will add additional options.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time you wish.  You will be removed from the club roster right away with no further charges.  Any winnings earned prior to cancellation will be paid in full.

How soon am I added to the roster after joining?

Upon receipt of your first payment you will be on the roster for the next game play.

I don't want to split the jackpot with too many people, what if the group gets too big?

As the group increases in size, it will be periodically broken into pools of members.  This way any winnings will only be split up amongst the pool members, not the whole club. Your member dues will never change as a result, only the number of game tickets that are purchased for your pool.