What is a Lotto Club

A Lotto Club, also known as a Lotto Syndicate, is where several people pool to buy lotto tickets together.  Typically, they each contribute an equal amount, and then split the winnings equally.  That's exactly what Tampa Lotto Club does.

Who are we

The club started from an office lotto pool at a company we worked at here in Tampa. We often chipped in to buy lottery tickets together, and after moving on to different jobs, we decided to take it online and invite others to join.  We launched our site in May 2019, and have been playing every week since, adding new members along the way.

Play the Florida lottery from anywhere

One of the best things about the Tampa Lotto Club is that you can join from anywhere in the world.  Everything is done online, from signing up, to viewing your account, to collecting your winnings.  Ready to increase your chances of winning big?